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  1. G'Day fellow PoE players After months and months of putting this game off, I'm finally going to start my first playthrough!!! With that in mind, I had an old ritual with Baldur's Gate 2 where I'd build my character around the potential relationships between my companions and with that in mind I wanted to ask, "which companions seem to get on best and also which are the most affectionate to the PC?" Thanks in advance for any replies. Cheers Rowan/LSWSjr
  2. Thank you for your response LadyCrimson From reading that thread I'm somewhat under the impression that the rewards listed on my account will be downloadable from Obsidian's site and on GoG I will only be able to download items listed under their "Champion Edition" product entry? Maybe?!? Cheers Rowan/LSWSjr
  3. G'Day folks, I generated my Kickstarter backer key for GoG today. GoG now notes that I have the "Kickstarter Champion Edition" which doesn't appear to have a product page. So I compared the standard "Royal Edition" with the standard "Champion Edition" and the content that differed is similar to what I have listed within the "Digital Fun Pack" on my account. So this has left me to wonder, is the "Kickstarter Champion Edition" essentially the standard "Royal Edition" with a few extra bells and whistles? If so, why not call it the "Kickstarter Royal Edition"? Alternatively, if
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