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  1. I'll add my own experience to this thread. My physical stuff just arrived today, which was a total surprise. I didn't receive any shipping notification or tracking information. I just happened to be working from home today and stepped outside to get the mail, and there it was on my doorstep. Upon opening the box, there was the box for the statue, the shrinkwrapped guide, and a shrinkwrapped, signed collector's edition. No map, no frog pin, no mouse pad, no "artwork. - all of which are apparently inside the collector's edition box. So if you are one to archive the big box on your shelf, be advised that a number of the items are inside that box if you plan to leave it shrinkwrapped. Minor complaints aside, this is still worlds better than the delivery of physical items from the first PoE - that fulfillment company never shipped my stuff because my address was somehow invalid for their system, and also never notified me of that. Months later I eventually sorted it out and got my stuff. Obsidian - you folks make amazing games, but your fulfillment partners continue to leave a bit to be desired.
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