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  1. I would be a sith lord because it is so cool to just go and crush enemies without raising a weapon. Its the best thing about being dark, the powers
  2. When playing through the game, which is the best combination of characters to have, also has anyone noticed how poo Bao Dur is?
  3. But Which did u find more fun, light seems harder to play through where dark is easy but fun
  4. Is it possible to get Visas lightsaber on the xboxversion. If so how? Does it have any special features and where do u find the silver chrystal? thnx
  5. I am playing through Star Wars Kotor2 but my file got deleted by little pesky sister. I was playing through and was light side, but which is more fun to play as or better. And also depending on the allignment is it better to be a marauder/weapon master, or a lord. PS which lightsaber is better, single or double
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