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  1. You'd figure that with all the dragon hunters in the game (and by that logic, dragons) there would be plenty of dragon-scale armor just lying around.
  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange that the vast majority of the enemies you fight in the White March pt. 2 are all able to kick your ass, but sport tons of "Exceptional" gear? Where's all the superb sets? And I know there's plenty of soul-bound items that can be leveled to superb; but I'm talking about simple, non-buffed plate or leather armor.
  3. Bummer; guess someone should update the wiki and clarify it requires the Ogres to be dead.
  4. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Gr%C3%A9f%27s_Rest The page on the wiki says there's suppose to be an added attribute bonus to the rest bonuses you get in The Gref's Rest (Stalwart, WM part 1 and 2); received after finishing The Ogre Matron: does anyone know if this is true? I finished it peacefully without getting any such bonus, so I'm wondering if that's intentional (only rewarded upon ogre deaths) or if its simply an oversight. Or if the wiki is simply lying.
  5. After getting Serel's Boon the first time from visiting The Salty Mast, then losing it from resting later on, the option to pay Maea to get it again seems to be gone. Seeing as I haven't actually started Far From Home i'm assuming this isn't intentional and is a bug of some sort. Serel can still be talked to, but she only has her dialogue for after you've gotten her rest bonus, with no option to get it again.
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