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  1. People like to use that quote from George RR Martin, "you don't mind decapitations, but can't stand a sex scene". I agree with him, but the problem is sex and a well writen romance are some of the most difficult things to write. That's why you have romances in almost every movie but few of those stands out. Baldur's Gate 2 had good romances, KOTOR did it satisfactory. Fallouts successfully adressed sex, gender and other adult themes (New Vegas, mostly). Dragon Age handles those same themes pretty well too. Mass Effect also has some well writen romances. I even think Mass Effect has an importance in the medium for showing 'lesbian' sex and romance in 2007. Final Fantasy VI and VII also shows romance in a not cringeworthy way. Sex is part of life, and I think games as an art form should address and discuss it. You don't need to actually depict graphic sex scenes in order to adress the theme. Bayonetta, only by its aesthetics was able to adress themes like gender and sexuality, generating buzz and good discussions in the medium. That being said, I don't think Pillars of Eternity lacks romance, although it would be nice to adress it since you have mixed societies and the Godlikes in this world. My main character is a naive death godlike aristocrat cast out from her house and seeking to fell in love in her new life. It's a background interesting enough to develop a romance.
  2. Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall are both great games. The writing is top-tier (IMHO better than Pillars) with the great cRPGs. You may want to check Crusader series. And there is Septerra Core. I've played it a few years ago and liked (never finished it). Has a Final Fantasy VII vibe on it. KOTOR I and II (but they are not isometric).
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