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  1. Thanks for all the interesting and informative feedback guys and girls Much appreciated!
  2. I've completed KoTOR2 over 2 months ago now, i thought it was excellent but imo the 1st was better. However, i only know 40% of the story and it is REALLY bugging me. I've replayed the game about 3 times and can't find out certain things, like what actually happened to Revan and why he isn't in KOTOR2 (Carth asks you to see what happened to his friend by going to Malachor V), how you ended up with Kreia in the first place, how i got the Ebon Hawk (game opens with you on it in med bay), etc, etc. This might be asking for too much and if it is against the forum rules i'm sorry. Can someone please, to put my mind at rest, give me a link or tell me the full story of KoTOR2. My e-mail incase this is against the forum rules, so you can e-mail me or add me to MSN and only tell me, not the whole community, is: rudeboi_phantom@hotmail.com I went: Male Light Side Thanks Jason
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