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  1. Yeah I just bought this game today, cuz I loved the 1st one and I knew the 2nd one would be awesome. But i am experiencing exactly wats happening to Padmi Skydrunkard! Same tunnel, Same annoying Fog. I dumbed down the visuals and sound, killed all background programs. But when I get halfway through the tunnel, he stops mid walk and freezes. My camera works, the fog continues to rise, the music keeps playing. But he stops in his tracks and slowly dies from the steam. Then to make matters worse, I load my quicksave which is just before it, and guess what! This immobilty disease my character seems to be inflicted with has carried over to his past self, and I'm stuck before I even get IN the tunnel! So I have to exit out of the whole game and then load it back up again. I can move again! I move back into the tunnel, and lo and behold, I'm stuck again! And the vicious cycle goes on! i'm thinking I have wasted my money if something isn't done to fix it!
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