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  1. Im not talking about Jedi and sith flying around in the air throwing balls of energy at each other. Its just that well admit it or not, (espically in the KOTOR era where sith and jedi are plently) battles should be more dramatic. Damage to clothing should be real time ect.


    Whats wrong with that?

  2. The ability for characters to cry. KOTOR 3 can be the first game to genuinely appeal to the characters emotions. Keep the fighting system, and improve the graphics to show emotions, real time saber lighting ect.


    What I would really like to see is something amazing. Something boarding DBZ style. Only slightly. The 'force' as we know it has not even slightly been tapped into. Someone who is really a master should be able to move planets, ripp spaceships appart. Be constally surround by red/blue auras. Eye pure white or black.


    If you could do that then you will have something special.

  3. I have no idea whats going on. The game crashes in the same place and i get the same error message.





    Those are the file names it says it has to send off. Whats happening?

  4. This update addresses the following:






    Added voice lines for Opo Chano when the PC states they can repair the protocol droid themselves on Telos (dark side)

    Added support for the Intel i915 chipset





    Corrects a crash issue at the beginning of the dialogue after entering the Harbringer

    Corrects a crash issue when transitioning between B-4D4 to the main character after Czerka Mainframe quest on Telos (light side)

    Corrects an art issue with NPCs that appear in the mine foreman's log on Peragus

    Corrects a geometry issue inside the Jekk Jekk Tarr bar on Nar Shaddaa

    Corrects an issue with ATI Radeon cards being incorrectly reported in the swinfo.txt

    Corrects an issue with Atton missing from force cage in the Telos Academy

    Corrects swoop race forfeiting issue. Players can now win races after forfeiting a race.

    Corrects an issue with the swoop bike getting stuck in air in the swoop race mini-game

    Corrects stuck issue when reboarding Ebon Hawk on Nar Shaddaa

    Corrects a text/voice mismatch in Kreia's dialogue on Malachor

    Corrects a scripting issue with Batano quest on Telos (light side)

    Corrects a scripting issue with Devaronian conversation on Telos

    Updates a journal entry for "A Hidden Power" quest on Korriban

    Updates a journal entry for the "Fuel Sabotage" bonus mission on Telos

    Master Vash

  5. KOTOR 3 will be a next gen title, maybe even an Xbox 2 launch title, and most likely announced at this years E3. But who do you want/think to make the game, cosidering Bioware finished Jade Empire and Obsidian has put all whole new crew together. (http://www.actiontrip.com/rei/comments_news.phtml?id=040905_8 Saturday, Apr 09)




    Obsidian is hiring a lot for an Unreal 3 powered game... [Jackson "Smapdey" Johns] 2:56 am EDT @ April 10th, 2005

    Obsidian is preping to release an Unreal 3 powered game it looks like.


    Chris Jones from Obsidian Entertainment, the powerhouse behind the great Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2, sent us an email about an upcoming Unreal Engine 3 game that they are developing. They are hiring for several positions and you will find the details for each on their jobs page.


    Senior Character Modeler / Texture Artist

    Intermediate Character Modeler / Texture Artist

    Senior Level Modeler / Texture Artist

    Intermediate Level Modeler / Texture Artist

    Designer / Writer

    Lead Area Designer

    Systems Designer


    Senior Graphics Programmer

    Senior Engine Programmers

    Audio Programmer

    Gameplay Programmer

    3D Tools Programmer



    This looks like a whole new team they're putting together, god damn.





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