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  1. Two thoughts- 1. They are copyright focused and see this as a threat. They won't mind using tweaking sabers and things like that, but this looks like a lot like a rewrite and I'm sure someone at LA will have a problem with that. Besides, LA seems to be a real punk about 'their' property. God forbid the fans have a say... 2. They like this idea because they don't need to work as hard at making it perfect for release - after all, the fans will fix it, right - and see this as a shadow project that they can indirectly support in order to sell more copies. So I don't know which way LA will fall. Announcing the project on Obsidian's site probably wasn't that great of an idea, but you've still got my support!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> if this project gets shut down, im quite sure it will lead to attempts on george lucas' life. im not suggesting i would ever even consider doing such a thing! im just saying its very possible :D lucas arts has screwed over alot of people and having this project shut down would be a huge insult. thousands will be infuriated! some of who are very unstable individuals. again, im not saying i would ever even think about hurting george! we're buddies :D
  2. lets hope so. im just afraid because it must be terribly embarassing for lucas arts to have their game completed by the mod community. this will make its way into gaming sites, and eventually magazines.
  3. its a shame that its upto the comunity to right LA's wrongs. i hope it sends a message. but i fear Georgy boy will shut down this project before it ever gets completed.
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