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  1. RESOLVED I wish I could edit the OP: It was not a bug, just me being stupid and confusing slow mode with stealth mode :D apologies for the precipitated post.
  2. Level 3 Rogue with Stealth 4, Mechanics 4 At the beginning of the game, slow mode would allow for trap detection and sneaking up on enemies, with the circle under the character filling up to indicate stealth status. But now no traps seem to get detected at all, and more importantly, the character gets spotted instantly whenever he comes within sight of an enemy. No GUI circles filling up or anything. This happens with xaulips and small spiders and any kind of enemy, so I don't think their perception is so much higher than my stealth to warrant an instant detection, hence why I suspect a bug. Stealth doesn't seem to work for any other characters in the party, either.
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