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  1. I wish! I looked through my saves, and it seems I forgot to save just before this. I may have to go all the way back to the harbinger, because that is the last manual save I did, and the auto-save overwrote itself already. Thanks for the advice though, I will be working on this tomorow morning. Edit: I have restarted this from the ship, and glad I did. I found some dialogue with Kreia I missed before. I also have learned to F4 everytime I feel the need, and hard save when necessary. Hopefully I can get past this part soon without any more troubles.
  2. After you kill the two droids he sends out talk to the "boss" by the console. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> how about if you get this far and says "deal with my droids", and then the droids never come out? I have three different quests that depend on me seeing him, and he won't come out to play!
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