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  1. Shoot, thanks. Somehow I had come under the impression that Deaths Gate had to be done AFTER Hermit of Hadret House...
  2. Sadly, Lady Webb still will not allow me to complete Hermit of Hadret House. I have completed The Bronze Beneath the Lake and should thus be able to follow the Dozens path, but she does not offer me a way to access the animancy hearings. Here's my savegame and logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1nx2sspzivaybpz/AAB2_6LUXFLVvBU32w2sd1Ska?dl=0 Hope you guys can take a look after the holiday weekend.
  3. Omnicron - Thanks, I had read through the forums and tried a number of things that people suggested, but I've been unable to resolve it, or get the "burned bridges" option to trigger. Kriber22 - Yes, I believe that's what happened. (When I got stuck, I tackled the Endless Paths, so it's been awhile...) The devs are obviously aware that there's a problem, hopefully my savegame can help...
  4. I've successfully completed The Bronze Beneath the Lake for the Dozens, so that's the path that should be triggering at Lady Webb. I completed Rogue Knight & Built to Last for the knights, but was not offered Winds of Steel.
  5. I'm unable to get any of the factions to allow me to continue with Hermit of Hadret House. I should be high enough rep with the Dozens (and possibly the Knights) to continue, but Lady Webb is not offering me the option. Here is my current savegame and logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dzejzig7birntae/AACxJY5NDrz4FqZQyNQE3gx9a?dl=0 I'm really loving Pillars, so please help! Thanks, Nate
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