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  1. I have been trying to resolve as much as I could thanks to Steam Support but have had no luck. The implementation of this functionality is completely up to Obsidian. I'd like to request that the function that causes the keyboard pop-up to happen be opt-out, either via a launch switch or an in-game option. Here's Steam Support's last message to me: For reference, -NoKeyboardUI is a launch option switch specific to Rocket League that is used for similar reasons (the pop up completely obscures the screen and is of limited use in their chat screens).
  2. May I ask what the circles are on the reputation screen? I have a Paladin character and I'm confused by the red/blue/cyan rings on each of the disposition elements. Are they dispositions you are accumulating? Are the red and cyan colors indications of what's good or bad for my character and the blue how much I've accumulated? Is the red equivalent to accumulating negative points? I've tried searching for what they mean and only found threads like this or tables from the previous game.
  3. As you wish. I think they're essentially different problems, though, because the first is about registering inputs whereas the latter is about a way to disable a known feature.
  4. 1. A brief summary of the bug. The Steam Controller keyboard overlay pops up automatically whenever there are text input prompts. I want to disable this behavior as it is disruptive but cannot find a way to do it. Attempts to troubleshoot the problem: - Searches for disabling the behavior yield launch options switches (-NoKeyboardUI) for another game (Rocket League) that are irrelevant here. - I have triple-checked my controller configuration. Keyboard overlay is not bound to any inputs. - I have switched to the default recommended configuration. - I have tried a second popular com
  5. 1. A brief summary of the bug. The Steam Controller keyboard overlay pops up automatically whenever there are text input prompts. (I'll be uploading another topic requesting how I can turn this behavior off.) Editing the value in the overlay changes the value in the text prompt, but does not actually change the value. Any further input will reveal the original value. Example: - A vendor offers infinite amounts of alcohol. - I click the the item and the text input prompt pops up. The steam keyboard overlay automatically pops up obscuring the game. - I edit the default number (50) usi
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