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  1. I had trouble finding a portrait that matched my blonde bearded pale elf rogue. I took a screenshot from the character creation after I setup his appearance, then I put it in ms paint and cropped and resized it to the right dimmensions. The small version of the image fits well with the companion npc's and the large version isn't too out of whack either.
  2. I just noticed that occasionally when I hover over a crate or chest, like in the blacksmith or windmill, I get a red glove instead of the normal silver glove. I assume that indicates that it would be stealing to take the items. I have 2 questions. The first question is if there are any repercussions for stealing? I did it in the Inn and the guy in the room yelled at me but nothing else seemed to happen. The second question is if you are "stealing" if you look in those chests but don't take anything. I don't quite understand the mechanic yet so any info would be helpful. I am playing
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