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  1. Well, I can't say I'm happy it came to this. All I wanted was a new baldur's gate, with the humor that came with it. But all I can say now is that I am very disappointed. Where will this culture of outrage and over-thinking end? Hopefully, it will be soon.
  2. Let me ask you how you know what kind of person I am and what I've experienced in my life. Writing that is incredibly biased of you.
  3. I seriously hope the stone won't be removed. Seeing as it would already have been okayed by the team when it was included means there will be potential for future removal of content. That would mean that the pledge rewards lose their meaning and someone will not be given what they paid for. It's a shame my first post had to be about this, but removal of content in a finished game hasn't sat well with me since lbp removed that one bgm back in 2008.
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