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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone. Having played BG1/2 and other cRPGs that rely on Charisma being the "go to" stat for dialogue, I think if I work a Paladin with Int/Str I won't be missing out on much, while still being able to have fun on hard mode. Cannot wait till 9:00. Blessings to you all.
  2. I was thinking of creating my first character with fairly modest stats as a Paladin. I would focus on RES,INT,might predominatly to place emphesis on a knightly background ...roleplay stuff etc. I would wear heavy armor but also use two handed weapons. After lurking here on the forums and finding out that stats are not what I originally expected them to be, would I just be playing the game on a higher difficulty by doing this to a character? (I can't stand having to min-max to get through or explore content) Besides personal benifit of roleplay, is there any reason to play a character with awkward stats and weapon styles? I also fear I will be missing out on content by actually (Roleplaying) this way and by not having certain dialogue options available if I decide to have fairly well rounded stats on my main. Any thoughts my Beta Veteran friends?
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