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  1. Well considering we're talking about a CRPG, let's put this to a multiple choice question! http://strawpoll.me/3996109 The options available are as follows: 1. Keep the epitaph. Period 2. Patch in the option to turn on and off backer content like the epitaphs. 3. Drop the epitaph, but compensate the backer with a refund or letting him/her write a replacement epitaph. 4. Drop the epitaph. Period. And before anyone asks: No, this isn't supposed to be a definitive, scientific poll. Its just a little way to gauge how everyone feels about the topic.
  2. Well that's really ****ty thing to go through, but that's not this forum. Its Steam, which has a much higher chance of trolls showing up to do what trolls do best. The mods are doing a good job pruning away anything like that in this thread, leaving people that are disagreeing with you in a civil manner. Don't equate everyone that disagrees with you on this subject as sharing the exact same values of some ****posters.
  3. I didn't see what comments got pruned, but who are you talking about? No one is saying "keep the joke in because transwomen aren't really women anyways lol". And, again, the joke isn't directed towards a transwoman; its directed towards what sounds like a oversexed Gaston-type that got tricked and overreacted as a result. Myself and most of the other commentors simply don't want Obsidian to bend over backwards to the perpetually offended.
  4. Might as well use my first post to wade into the argument too before it become ridiculous. First of all, how do you know that the poem means he slept with a transwoman. It could have, but it could have also meant he slept with another man. The joke is at the expense of te dude who threw himself (or accidentally ran off) off the cliff, not the person he slept with. Replace the line with one about how he slept with his sister, an old lady, or a confused Xaurip and it would have the same effect. Second, you're complaining about how a single, backer-made poem that not only doesn't factor into th
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