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  1. I love how the spells in BG2 became all rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock. :wowey:


    - I cast a spell on you!

    - No you can't, cause I got spell protection.

    - Well, then I'll break your protection first and then cast the spell.

    - No you can't, cause I'll counter your spell with a spell of my own.

    - Well, then I'll counter your counterspell.

    - You can't, cause I just silenced you.

    - Well, then I'll silence you back!

    - I don't care, cause all my spells are used up.

    - ...

    - ...

    - Swords, then?

    - I guess...


    Ha-ha, post of the month right here :yes: . So true.

    There will be arguments for and against, some will prefer the BG spells, many I suspect will be more than fine with what PoE has to offer. No way of pleasing everyone.

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  2. Dark Souls is another game that gives a LOT of problems to the unsuspecting player, and I love Dark Souls. I guess I'm just not the kind of player who wants to be able to suspect and succeed without any failure in every single encounter in the game.  :yes: (Not implying that you guys do either, though.)


    My point is that I want the monster variety to be solid and immersive (monsters are, after all, a major part of the metastory narrative of a game), I want monsters to force me to figure them out, and I don't mind dying a few times in the process (as long as it doesn't happen ALL the time or that it happens randomly with no possibility of overcoming it skill-wise).

    Monster variety in itself and also in regards to their abilities and resistances is something that all players likely want. With the exception of those who are in it only for the story.

  3. I like the Final Fantasy system for this. YES to super weapons, but as an endgame long, hidden and difficult story-quest.


    I hate the option to be able to obtain one super sword in the early game like dark souls does with the dragon tail. That just ruins the experience!

    If the super-weapon is available before the end-game battle only, it may be a little unfulfilling that you didn't have time to use it on different enemy types and in different circumstances. You know, you may actually want to play more than a bit with it and see it in action in all its glory.


    Errr...why ? just go play BG if you miss it that much, jeez !

    Good question, to it's sort of like going off to college, but being able to bring your high school buddies with you.


    But I don't think people actually expect any of this stuff to come over verbatim from BG to PoE. Mostly I think people are waxing nostalgic and having a bit of fun. That has been where I've been coming from, at least.


    There's BG the original editions and BG the EE now. PoE needs a bit more than BG&BG2 offered to be a real success and I'm not talking here about fancier graphics.

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