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  1. If he was ok with the change AND he wrote the new poem then I can get behind the change. I actually like the new poem, it removes the material that people were offended by but still digs at them a little bit for being so sensitive.
  2. "An insidious magical contingency activates when the caster hits 50% Stamina. He or she immediately knocks all immediately close enemies prone while gaining a Damage Threshold and Defense bonus for a short time. + 20 to all defense + 10 DT" Does someone know how this is used and how it works? Does it autocast? Do you cast it at the start of an engagement and it last the rest of the engagement (then is wasted if unused)? Can you cast it out of combat and it last until you rest if not activated?
  3. I'm a druid who does most of his damage while spiritshifted, and I'm wondering whether two weapon style and weapon focus: Peasant would be worth taking. Anyone know?
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