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  1. It did say on Calibre when I tried to convert that it wasnt possible because of DRM. But next try it didnt say that, just köpt working on comverting the file for hours but not getting more than 1% done. Why not just make it as a textdokument instead if that crappy pdf
  2. Calibre doesnt work because of some DRM, file is too big to send with gmail... Its hopeless trying to read it on the iphone... Why not just make the digital editions userfriendly so we can enjoy it on the go
  3. edit: nvm, used search sorry. how do i delete a post?
  4. Thanks. Too bad the novella and lorestuff wasnt released before the game Will check out the manual, maybe there's some lore in there
  5. Hi. First time poster here. I´m just wondering if the novella, calender, cookbook etc will be available with the predownload? Hoping to readup before indulging in the game
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