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  1. I guess that expert mode really only makes a difference IF you enable it on the first playthrough. If you play through it normally and enable it on the second playthrough, you already know a lot of stuff expert mode disables in the first place.

    Ultimately, everyones own choice of course :)


    That's a good point. I just don't want to miss out of some key mechanic and be lost.


    Right? I do actually eat pretty healthy much of the time. My fiance is an excellent cook and she's been teaching me--the other day we bought two whole chickens, she showed me how to break them down, and we've been using skinless chicken breasts and crap to make our meals. It's been tasty.


    But when PoE comes out I'm *going* to be drinking super-sweet and creamy tea and eating cinnamon rolls. It's a combination of celebration and intentional pleasure-maximised first-day nergasms.



    Did you make stock with the leftovers?

    If you didn't try it next time, internet will have instructions and its pretty simple.

    Home made stock is so damn good in cooking.


    I feel like making soup in the next week now.

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