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  1. I decided to start a game as a Dwarf Ranger using a bear as an animal companion. I very quickly dealt with Medreth because I wanted the Fine Arquebus and from there went to the inn and hired an adventurer. I made a Godlike Cipher to tinker with and set out to resume playing around some. Upon leaving the inn, I noticed I couldn't move the Cipher at all, and when I'd hit 6 to try and select him, it would highlight and let me control the bear instead. I can go anywhere in town I want but when I try and leave town I get told I need to gather my party. When I go in Winfrith's, for example, my Cipher appears way off to the right off in the black area. When I leave, he reappears right back in the exact same spot in the inn door where he was prior. No reloads have fixed it nor has restarting the game fixed it. I can click on his portrait and can select him manually, but he can't move or perform any action it seems.
  2. I got hit by this as well. I started to wonder why when I'd pick an item up (say, a Beetle Shell) it wouldn't appear in my inventory. Got the Egg, which didn't appear anywhere, and when I went to return it the Herbalist had no mention of the quest at all. I noticed that when I'd reload, my map fog of war would reset and all the lootables would reappear in the spot they originally appeared in. Say I'd kill a Beetle and try to loot the shell. Upon reloading, the icon would reappear showing that I could reloot that Beetle, but it'd be empty.
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