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  1. I used Bao just for his skills for making the items on the work bench. Otherwise, he stays on the ship. Mira or Visas are my range fighters. I give Mira the best rifle I can, since scouts have a rifle bonus. I also put her in light armor to get her better resists. For the final battle with Hanharr, I get her a good lightsaber (as she is always a Jedi for me at this point) and a good set of robes because I use the Jedi buffs to have her beat Hanharr at the end. My preferred group is Handmaiden and myself tanking up front with Visas with a blaster in Jedi Support mode behind us.
  2. I would have to agree. Most the dialog trees, except for Kreia, got used up quite quickly. The previous game drew it out by making you return with a successful planet before you could advance the dialog. But you did make advances. You also had NPC -NPC interaction that made things a little better also. As for her training in my LS games, I went high DEX, med CHA and then gave her the best blaster I could, trained the support powers and kept her in the back in Jedi Support mode. She was effective in that role as long as I had Handmaiden or Mandalore as melee support.
  3. 1) Visas 2) Handmaiden 3) Mira Everyone else only because I have to use them as required by the game
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