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  1. Hey All, There is some great advise in this but there is still a lot of uncertainty as well on this whole process. I've finally got it to work and I've a much better understanding on the whole process so hopefully this post will clear it up for those wanting to try it and help clear up if you are going to be able to get it to work for you, as some folk its just not gonna work since you can't qualify an argument. First up, there are 3 arguments, each argument needs two 'won' point to qualify for a win of that argument. Those arguments are: 1. (conversation option 2) - Perhaps Abydon was meant to forget his past. Some knowledge is too dangerous for this world. 2. (conversation option 3) - You speak as if history were a guide. Yet it doesn't always provide a good example. 3. (conversation option 4) - Memory remains a burden, even when the events and people it recalls are long gone. It's pain with no purpose. Check the wiki to see if you can make 2 points to any of these 3 arguments, if you can't forget about it. Your not going to be able to clear the win one argument requirement that this guide needs. - wiki: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Lair_of_the_Eyeless#Tempering_Abydon Okay so you can see at least one arguments of the 3 you can win, next is to edit the xml file as described by Skywayz above: Open folders: Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_data\data\conversations\px2_04_eyeless_stronghold Edit xml file: px2_04_cv_abydon_finale.conversation Do a find (Ctrl+F) and look for the line: <string>n_abydon_arguments_won</string> The next line immediately under that should read: <string>EqualTo</string> The next line immediately under that should read: <string>3</string> If it doesn't you are on the wrong line instance of '<string>n_abydon_arguments_won</string>' ...do a find next and keep looking. Once you've found the right one update the values from 3 to 1, save and exit. Okay so here is the rub the string value 3, correspondent to the 3 arguments. Changing the values from 3 to 1 means instead of the requirement being win the 3 arguments you now only have to win one to get the 'Best' option. The only caveat being you still have to win 2 points in one of those arguments. Hence the checking first above. Here is screenshots showing it working, notice in the last screenshot i still have argument (2,3) presented but i have the win option(5) available to me now after wining conversation argument(4). https://imgur.com/a/4JWK1pV To win arguments 4 i present and won two points. My own awaking (moving on) and used Maneha choosing to forget. Hope this clears it all up and allows you to figure out if you still have a chance.
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