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  1. hoo boy. going by memory here, but i'll do my best to explain. long story short, "arcane spellcasting" in deadlands was heavily tied to poker. prof hoyle was a game enthusiast and occultist, and he traveled the world, writing Hoyle's Book of Games. the book served as a manual for poker, but hoyle also used various codes and tricks to hide his arcane secrets in the books. some picked up on it, and the popular method to actually "cast" the spells was to mentally duel a demon in a game, poker being the popular method. in the game mechanics, the arcane spells had varying effects, based on poker hand rankings. (minimal high card to a flush or whatever) higher levels spells required higher rankings to even work (full house minimum, for example). you could get bonuses and penalties to how many cards you could draw. when the time came, you drew a hand, and if you met the requirements, the spell was cast.
  2. lawful evil. I value my way, and use it to further altruistic goals or to deliberately gain my happiness at the expense of others who i feel are not conducting themselves as they should. gotta love schadenfreude. :D :ph34r:
  3. str- 9. i'm not the most physical, but i've seen worse than me. dex- 9. see previous. con- 10. probably stretching it, considering the amount of repairs i've gone through. int- 15. my ranks in slacker are a big thing thats holding me back. wis- 14. i'd like to think so, anyway. chr- 14. counting personality as well as looks, i can be highly influential and persuasive when necessary.
  4. i like to think i've gotten the "dark wizard that broods while traveling with a party" down to an artform. for example, dm: you enter the new inn and... ranger: i go to the bar fighter: i go to a table cleric: i follow him me: i go brood.
  5. in no particular order -d20 star wars. the kotor inspired campaign i'm gm-ing at the moment is the longest running thing we've had in a while, oddly enough. -d&d 3.5 -mutants & masterminds. for what it's worth, for as much as the idea makes sense, i can't stand "step" damage systems. where as you get damaged, your abilities decrease. makes sense, just doesn't work with us. gimme hp's any day. -the buffy/angel rpg setting, forget the name for the rules. another one with a goofy damage system though. it's utterly insane that certain character types, when they take lethal damage, make a roll. you pass, you stay up. you take another hit, you roll again, then if you fail, roll to pass out etc. assuming we even have the rules right to begin, theoretically some things can make it to past negative 150 life. honorable mention to -aberrant. we started playing this in anticipation of the last marvel rpg that came out, but for some reason, dropped it like the plague. -the last marvel rpg they released. points for trying a diceless system, even if the rest of the rules sucked. -deadlands. i absolutely LOVE this setting. and for as cool as the idea was to use a real deck of cards to determine spellcasting, maybe it's just us, but the rules sunk in.
  6. magic users, far as classes go, and generally the kind that like to "make things go kablooey". i want to try a counter-speller in d&D 3.5 though, but that would require a group that actually plays a campaign past *gasp* 6th level. doesn't happen much with my friends anymore. <_< *looks over to the brand new complete arcane collecting dust* *sigh* :'( for races, usually human, but if possible, the more demonic/devilish/whatever the better.
  7. please keep the jedi and sith as a major factor to knights of the old republic. for the fans of the force users, they're the only games we have, unless they resurrect jedi academy, which was an action game anyway. i don't touch commando or galaxies or rogue squadron. thanks for pointing out the force thing in galaxies btw. not that i play mmorpg's anyway, but that clinches it. the advantage to keeping the series in the old republic era is that there's so much room to play with the story, BUT, the force users are generally considered to be stronger than the movie era or new jedi era. on that note, it's nice to be the focus of the story, but revan and the exile were just too powerful. tone the pc down a bit in the future, he/she doesn't have to be teh uber superhero. can't please everyone though i guess. on the jedi note, to be honest with you, i race through the first planet in kotor to get to dantooine. (although wandering around the fields outside gets to be dreadful). in kotor 2, you start out a jedi, kinda, but again it's a matter of racing through your first 7 levels until you get to really interact with anything. they do make you earn the lightsabre though...things got to be like candy in kotor... i'd be happy being a jedi/sith at the start of the game, but just tone down the power level.
  8. supposed to be good, but incredibly short, like 10 hours give or take.
  9. like i said, depends on how he's handled. if they tone down his style from the cartoon (which they can do and still keep him fast) shouldn't be any problems. but it will look...odd...if they have him jumping around like a monkey with lightsabres.
  10. i swear i read something like this recently in a gaming magazine, i need to dig it up. the steps described sound familiar, you find the guy, and talking to him unlocks a cheat menu. could have been an april fools thing now that i think about it, but i know i read an article mentioning it.
  11. is this the guy that's supposed to unlock some weird cheat mode?
  12. curious to see grievous in action myself, depending on how he's handled compared to clone wars. but i'm not so hot on seeing a giant cgi droid fighting like a hyper-active monkey against real actors.
  13. no biggie, i see what you're saying, i think. but in sion's case i think the pain came as a result of his evil, for what it's worth.
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