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  1. Hm, character stances (and movement, if I'm reading it right?)... Isn't this something that could be solved via basic mocap & skeleton animation?
  2. I'm basically in the same boat, and I'm planning to wait until release (esp. after pretty much wasting my pledge of Star Citizen, just to see the game end up completely different than promised... I no longer trust pre-release pitches and promises, based on that experience. Even if the dev is well-know and has made games I like...) So, yeah. I think waiting until release, seeing how the game is like, what the reviews & friend impressions are like, will be a safer route, and it's not like there are any crazy pre-order incentives anyway.
  3. Hm, cool. Might have to take a look at this; would be nice to see where the game is at and whether it seems suited for me...
  4. I'd say that the primary consideration is to avoid humour that breaks the fourth wall, or clearly references our world. Meaning, all jokes must make sense within the framework of the world. Witty comebacks, repartees, puns, oddball characters - sure, why not. References to, say, Terminator or World of Warcraft or the DotCom Bubble would be straight out, however... All in all, I do hope that the game isn't completely dour, though. Levity matters and is sort of incremental to a well-developed setting, even.
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