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  1. Maybe this would be a better question to ask the game designers about why we have a health (HP) and endurance. I find it rather confusing in battle when I am pausing and making choices how to advance through each in counter. Does anyone else feel the same way? Can someone explain to me why they made this choice, was it because of the people at WOTC and PAIZO Publishing not allowing them to simply use HP instead of this mixed system. Can this feature be removed if enough people complain about it?
  2. Checking the options I noticed a huge bug When I am on the first set of options 1. Auto Pause - Okay 2. Game - All 5 options go blank on the left side 3.Graphics - all 5 options go blank on the left side 4. Sound - All 5 options go blank on the Left side 5.Controls - okay
  3. I think I found the Output file you requested but it says the file is 2 big. Its 7mbs. I can copy it here if you like, or email. Let me know what you would like me to do.
  4. This is the DXDIAG file but I am not sure how I can get you the output file. DxDiag.txt
  5. Same here. So far I haven't found a solution or any advise on this error. Its really random for me as well
  6. I continuously get Fatal Error in GC "GetThreadContext Failed" which seems to happen every 5 to 30 minutes in the game no matter where I am in the game. Its very random Any thing I can help provide let me know and I will try to answer it.
  7. Anyone else noticing after 20 minutes or so the game totally freezes and gives you a GE Error, and the only way to excite is to ALT DEL CTRL to remove the root process and kill the application. I have noticed it happens a lot when I either try to save or in my sub screens such as character sheet, or spell book\Items.
  8. Has anyone notice when you are using spells and trying to see what NPC, Monsters, and PCs its very difficult to identify them. I fought some druids, and attempted to drop a fireball in the group, and move PCs out of the radius, and noticed identifying who was who was very difficult, and made everyone in the area hard to see and identify. Is this a glitch, or does everyone else think the same thing?
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