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  1. I managed to get around it by becoming unconscious intentionally.
  2. I believe I am having the same issue. Do your spell spawns also fail to disappear until they die?
  3. Okay, noted. I did tend to just drag and click attack, with the exception of the wizard and rogue. Although the fight was over a long time ago, maybe four hours (non-game time). I even rested and then rested at an inn, is there no restoration potion or temple where I can be cured. My wizard was just struck with sickness!
  4. I've had this terrible affliction called "Bonded Grief" playing as a ranger. I read on a post but it wasn't clear about how to resolve it. It is almost impossible to stop my pet from engaging and subsequently dying in large engagements. How do I go about removing this affliction? Thanks
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