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  1. Not quite a year later but I thought I'd post some screens about this "unplayable" camera angle. Pictures are worth a thousand words if you get my meaning.
  2. @CameraLuv : You're absolutely right ! I'm now playing this game with a camera hack (I own a legal copy obviously) and having a lot of fun. I've owned Dugeon Siege 3 for several years and couldn't get past this atrocious camera angle. I had shelved the game with no hope of ever playing it again. And then I found your post and I searched for solutions on the net once more, And I was successful ! With a camera hack the game is really great (sure there are a few quirks but since you can adjust your camera at anytime, they're not problematic) and I really enjoy the story so far. Let it be a lesson to developers (and I mean this in a constructive way) : listen to your fans and give them options - don't restrict your game, specially when it comes to the pc version. Without this hack/mod I wouldn't have appreciated the hard work you've put in this game. I had given up on the Dungeon Siege franchise, but now there's hope at least that if a new episode comes out, we'll get some real playability (please, no more restrictive camera...).
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