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  1. I called lucas arts about this glitch. Of course they had never heard of it and were more interested in reading from there manuals then actualy listening to me. So... I played my game from the start I did not pick up the redemption quest and the game played fine with no problems. On another note the steps tp completing the redemption quest are listed on this forum.
  2. Ok I will run a test to but I have to start from the very begining. Let me know if you make any progress. Thanx
  3. I have the same problem the flip back and forth for no reason that I can tell.
  4. I have the same problem. I went to Dantooine last completed all the tasks except redemption. Then I went to Nar Shadaa to finish trade route mission. Then when I went back to Dantooine and tried to exit the Ebon Hawk it went black and froze. I am very disapointed with this problem. Does anyone belive that this is related to the redemption mission?
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