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  1. wow im glad we got you here. you think if i could find the walk through i would of gone there instead of asking here hmmmmm.
  2. but wtf is up with this door in the droid fctory. i cant figure out this puzzle. your journal says that you should be able to bypass if you destroy the controls, where???? i cant attack or get no options to destroy anything. i dont want to turn these damn block any more. ARG!?!?!?!?!?! i just want to kill stuff with my nerf bat. HELP!
  3. i havnt had any crashes. however, i have run into MANY game stopping bugs. some that made me restart from the first lvl. 1. fighting he 2 droids at the exchance. if one or both of them dont make it out of the door on time before it lock them in you cant finish the lvl. yes a character that is standing in front of the door and blocks the path of the droids will screw this up. just script it so the damn door dosent lock. (and the noobs are thinking dont stand in front of the door) 2. bar fight witht the twin suns. for some reason one of the sisters killed the other one?!?!? she d
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