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  1. So we have to wait for a patch that fix that bug. I love kotor and kotor2. I pretty sure that in Obsidian are working hard to fix everything. I'll wait happy to play again this lovely title.
  2. My problem is that every member of my party changes continuously it alignment from full dark to full light (or quite light like Atton) and I can't say why. Do you think is it a bug? I don't think it is normal. I can't understand what happened. edit / I noticed that party alignment changes everytime I "up" the level.
  3. This is my problem. I'm a full light jedi and I supposed my party mate be the same (=follow the light path), but they doesn't. Oh, not exactly. They change the alignment randomly. One minute Atton is full dark, afer some second is quite light. And so on, everybody (I'm at Nar Shaddaa). They continue phiscally (because they continue talking like they are in the light path) change their alignment. Everytime. Is this correct? What I can do? Tell me please thanks Lord Tavares from Spain
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