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  1. Ain't that true. Especially the things hurting part. And Majestic, may well have been me. I think I started making up for that pretty immediately in my 20s.
  2. Ahaha, well... Just gonna take it a year at a time. I remember my pre-teen/teenage years and gosh, those weren't fun. I wouldn't go through that again for love nor money-- although I gotta say finding a community at BIS and online was a good thing for me. Nice to know that there were other nerdy people out there who were further along in life with me and things were going all right for them. I sort of think people should be able to skip to their 30s, it seems that's where things start getting good. Haha, yup. Not quite sure about the timing of all of this myself, but I guess it happens when it happens!
  3. I'm halfway through being pregnant! Wish I were all the way through, but... what can ya do?
  4. I like that this keeps resurrecting itself every couple of years or so, although at this point I am Somewhat Offline. It's just nice to know that people are still around and kicking (for the most part-- I do wish Sargy would pop his head up again).
  5. I think this would be hilarious/amazing. Contrary to what I was told growing up, all the people I have met off the internet have actually been pretty fun and no one tried to murder me, sooo.... victory??
  6. Jah, I was very excited to have a bunch of notifications in my inbox. I'm always very glad to hear that people aren't dead.
  7. I heard from him on June 23rd. Not that it makes it much better, I guess...
  8. I like Sargy's posting style. The nostalgia makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And if he hasn't changed it in like, 10 years, why would you think he's going to start now? so ya might as well suck it up.
  9. I dunno, I think it looks pretty good...?
  10. Their behaviour make them ugly. yep, this is British tourists again... they all looks like these people at photos. When you see entire town of such dirty animals, thousands of them - this is really sickeningly. Well, dancing in traffic is kind of dumb but other than that, I'm not sure what you object to. Drunk people in public? I've seen that from people of every nationality. Getting drunk and potentially acting stupid is hardly restricted to the Brits, and certainly not only to the women.
  11. this is what I did for Canada day. Too old to stay up for fireworks. Drank lots of beer, ate some good burgers though.
  12. I'm gathering this guy is kinda a troll, but I find it pretty funny that he bashes the men for their behaviour and the women for how they look, or essentially just not meeting his standards of attractiveness. "Existing in another country while not being a model?!?! The shock, the horror!!"
  13. This is another reason I don't want to move. Trying to get your deposit back is like pulling teeth. But of course buying a place is pretty much out of reach unless you've got two incomes here, so I'm stuck renting. Also, lazy. Reports here say to buy a house you need a combined household income of $120,000 annually. So we would need 4 incomes. http://www.crackshackormansion.com/ Vancouverite, eh? It's not quite that bad in Edmonton yet, I think, but it's definitely out of reach for me, and it's only getting worse. Maybe if I became a rigpig for a few years I could hack it, but I'm not THAT motivated to buy my own place.
  14. This is another reason I don't want to move. Trying to get your deposit back is like pulling teeth. But of course buying a place is pretty much out of reach unless you've got two incomes here, so I'm stuck renting. Also, lazy.
  15. I'm still reading, I'm just not so good at posting! As for moving, I've pared my possessions down to fitting in a single duffle bag. I hate moving as well, but I think I've moved apartments every 6 months or a year for the last 6 years, so I've decided I really don't need that much ****. Actually 2 months ago was the first time I've bought any furniture. As a result I am planning on not moving for at least 5 years because holy crap, screw the idea of having to move beds. Those things are freaking heavy!
  16. Strider is on Facebook, doesn't post much but we have chatted now and then. He's ok And Onkel is in IRC still. weekends, mostly! I'll try and see if I can get him to sign up on here. So is Jaesun, technically, but he never talks. I don't think he actually looks at IRC.
  17. Haha, haven't had anyone call me kiddo in ages. :D Of course, might be because I'm getting perilously close to the big 3-0.... Bruce, as for the whole why everyone met and stuck around thing... Man, it was a good community. Everyone had interests in common, which was nice. It was like a built in conversation starter. And I suppose I was one of the younger people at the time, and it was kinda nice to get advice and uh... wisdom? from slightly older people. I felt like I had a bunch of really awesome older brothers and sisters. It might just be the weirdest kind of family out there, but it was and is awesome. It has gotten harder to keep in touch, but at the same time, it feels like everyone can just pick up where they left off. And stuff extended outside of the internet as well. I think I bought Onkel a birthday present once! And I think I've written a few cards. Hard to remember, it was a while ago... Oh, and I met Gangor in person when he was in Canada. That was fun!
  18. Geez the last time I talked to you was when you were still in China! So much changed when Missy closed down her boards. Well, I got back from China about a year ago now! Tragically, I had to start doing the whole "real life" thing. It's really overrated. Hmm. I suppose not a ton has changed, really.
  19. So I actually had to register here... been through too many boards, guess I didn't sign up for this one yet. Anyhow, I am around on facebook and irc sometimes. It's weird as hell thinking I started talking to y'all like, 10 years ago. Makes me feel old and crotchety.
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