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  1. Mostly I loved you all because you were silly and real in a way you rarely see on the internet anymore. I was around before there *was* an Off-Topic board for Baldur's Gate (1999). It was a less-than-wonderful time in my life. Playing with you all -- and tormenting the more entertainingly dumb folk who wandered in -- was often the best part of my days. Politics at the start, but then WWOT (especially when we migrated to Missy's). When things in my life got brighter, i just expanded my influence.
  2. Yes, this is Kate. It's been a stupid long time and a lot has happened, but I suppose the only thing that would be of much interest to y'all is that I've been married for moriveth for the past nine years and that s/he is as dementedly awe-inspiring as ever.
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