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  1. Indeed it is but that not to say you should not learn lesson from the past to improve the present But POE2 I have big hopes for as if POE was this good then POE2 can surely only get better maybe we will see
  2. Hey well that is interesting But then again I consider games like theses like a book some books you will like some you won't. Oh I do not think you would like TOB if you don't like BG much but it does get a tad insane in TOB like where your fighting I think it's 5 dragons at the same time but in the expansion your Equipment is on the Insane Level Like if you a Paladin you might have the two handed sword Carsomyr http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Carsomyr In TOB this becomes a +6 weapon with the right eqipment or race you could become 100% magic resistance with boots of speed Equipped (Bug
  3. Hey thanks for the Reply I can see it from your aspect It seems I am opposite side of the table but then again you will always get contrast as different people will enjoy different aspects end of the day. You Probably would not enjoy Planscape Torment then as that is kinda mad I've got that new one Tides Of Numenera And even I am confused but slowly getting to grips with the story seems like it could be fun.
  4. Interesting Wish List and I have to be honest I don't agree with many of them? Reduce Party as someone said you could just take 4 members you are not forced to fill all 6? No level cap nah that would be pointless as you would get to a stage where you are untouchable unless monster level with you but I fail to see the point even then. Removing rubbish traits agreed No romancing mate you clearly been playing to much Dragon Age where the romances where forced In BG2 they where perfect as the interaction was there from even other NPCs like Aerie and Viconia who I had in my party f
  5. What was it about Baldurs gate you disliked out of curiosity? I personally not a fan of the first Baldurs Gate but the 2nd one I did enjoy icewind dale as well did not play Torment but I do have tides of Numenera just started on that got to admit feeling a tad confused with the story but I am getting to grips with it now seems inventive. I also did enjoy NW and even NW2 prob lean toward NW as I felt NW2 was dummed down a tad but still a good game
  6. Hello To All you CRPG Gamers I love this type of game since I played the classic many know of Baldurs Gate 2 I did not play First one until later but to be honest I prefer the 2nd one by far.. I was a Backer for Pillars Of Eternity as my hope was renewed after Dragon Age Let me down after Origins which I do recommend I enjoyed Origins a lot but how do they stack up to my Favourite still BG2 I own that remastered Enhanced as well played recently and I can still see why it was so enjoyable the depth in the game is stunning from the Characters you can get attached and even some seemingly ran
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