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  1. I wouldn't hold out for an answer if i were you. I had similar problems with my xbox version of the game, still waiting for help form the Obsidian team
  2. why bother to ask for information and then when you get a reply, ignore it for months, this game was a complete waste of my money and your company has awful customer service. I've now owned a game I am unable to play for half a year.
  3. Mine is an Xbox 360 Elite from 2008, the console runs all other games I own perfectly including content heavy games such as GTA V. IT has a 120GB hard drive with 88.4GB of space still free. I have removed all the game data multiple times but still get freezing within the first 5 minutes of gameplay, the game sometimes becomes completely unresponsive and will only turn off by turning off the power at the mains, other times the loading icon switches between frozen and moving but the game will not progress (Longest I have left it to do so is way over an hour).
  4. I would appreciate some input from a member of Obsidian staff, simply ignoring issues from users is not a responsible business model.
  5. I've had the exact same problems and tried the same things in an attempt to fix the issues. I posted about this 10 days ago and nobody from Obsidian has replied to me whatsoever (Thread here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66180-freezing-at-every-loading-screen-xbox360/) It's clear Obsidian do not care about the quality of the titles they release, to put this out and expect people to pay for a game that is simply unplayable and do nothing is insulting.
  6. I'm having an issue starting the game on Xbox 360. The game freezes at nearly every section (including the developer logos when you load the game) and loading screen. I must have restarted the game at least 30 times since buying it yesterday. I have the most recent patch, have swapped my version of the game to make sure it is not a problem with the disk, and tried deleting my save data of the game multiple times. The furthest I have managed to get is to the front door of the characters house (though multiple times it has frozen before the point). Is there anything I can do? I was really looking forward to playing, though now i think i might just give up and get a refund.
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