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  1. Hello, game working very well - but only in less levels than Goto's yacht. After (and in) this level game keeps falling (crashing) without useful information about problem. I can moving, I can fighting - I can all... But Game can fall... (anytime) Windows 7 Home Premium; AMD_64; Nvidia; double core Name of faulting application: swkotor2.exe, verze:, time mark: 0x00000000 Name of faulting module: nvoglv32.DLL, verze:, time mrak: 0x510a1d9a Exception code: 0xc0000005 Shift of error: 0x008df0c6 ID of faulting process: 0x14c4 Start time of of faulting application: 0x01cf6c8b9164f3c0 Path of of faulting application: C:\Program Files\Star Wars II\swkotor2.exe Path of faulting module: C:\Windows\system32\nvoglv32.DLL ID message: 36584e90-d87f-11e3-b3a5-aa8faf6a4817 Thank you!
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