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  1. On a personal level, fundamentalism might not be so bad. As you say, it may be a tremendous source of personal strength.


    However, I've found it renders you nearly incapable of interacting with people who have different perspectives and opinions. Fundamentalism renders you incapable of looking at the sources, and doing creative thinking. Again, I must stress the point of recognising the difference between the center and the periphery in hermeneutics.

  2. Withteeth:

    I think you are out of line in answering to Eldar's post. He doesn't fit the image of an enraged, spluttering fundamentalist, but answers to your post in a lucid, educated way. Your heading of the topic was unacademical, and might have seemed very provocative, depending on one's perspective, of course.

    It might be informative, and probably useful for the ongoing discussion if you actually answered the questions he posed.


    Dialogue is impossible when debaters brush each other off in the way you did in this discussion. I mean, you did intend for the topic to be discussed, right? Then why don't you discuss? Eldar brought several objects to the discussion, and pointed out flaws (and lack of academic dignity/etiquette) in your argument. As far as I can see, you mean to "prove" that the Bible can't "be true", because of its obvious references and inspirations. Why don't you respond to Eldar's answers related to this?


    Also, when discussing hermeneutics (and especially in studies related to the Bible), I feel it is important to distinguish between the center and the periphery. I mean, I certainly wouldn't put as much stock in what was supposedly said by Paulus as in what was said by Christ.

  3. Also Ros, did you try your own advice? I must admit, I've never thought of it like that before.  :D


    of course I have .. which is why I can say without a doubt I'm not gay .. and why I don't feel the need to throttle one if they ever make a pass on me!

    funny thing actually, one of my best friends is a bisexual, we meet when he tried to score me in a disco .. I choose/chose to take it as a compliment .. ^_^


    What you're saying is that you have to kiss a person of the same sex as yourself to know whether you are homo or bisexual? Doesn't sound very "secure"...

  4. I think this sentiment would be a common one, and I think it likely stems from the fact that homosexuality is usually treated as inherently sexualised and immediately, directly associated with the raw act of copulation by much of western culture.  Star Wars, antithetically, is a very intentionally desexualised universe.  Homosexuality.  It's even got it in the name.  That's why I tend to use the term 'gay' by preference.  A gay romance could just be a couple guys feeling romantic affection for one another.  But call it homosexual and it's already got sex in it.  It doesn't need to.  There's no reason two male characters can't exchange words of affection, or maybe a kiss and make a romance of it.  I hope that this sort of treatment becomes more acceptable.  I'm quite alright with the fact that Star Wars is a sexually innocent universe, at least traditionally.  But I'd like to see sexually innocent gay romanace options within it if it remains so.


    Well, it might be only me, but the word "gay" gives all sorts of connotations. I think homosexuality is a neutral word, and better suited than words of a more slangish character. But you have a point, of course.


    Now, this is not to be regarded as an anti-homosexual post in any way, I'm all for love and trust and happy couples, no matter what their gender should happen to be. It is just difficult for me to envision this sort of thing happening within the framework of the Star Wars setting. I mean, you are very much correct that Star Wars is a very innocent universe, the love it depicts is "ideal" and fairy tale-ish, and a kiss is all you're going to see, no "conceptions".


    Regardless or maybe because of this, I do not feel homosexuality has anything to contribute with in the setting. It doesn't fit. There is a prince gets princess or rascal gets princess quality to Star Wars romances. I feel the theme of family and children also is very prominent in the Star Wars universe, and as we know, this is a tricky point for homosexuals.


    So there... My opinion.

  5. Hehe, well, I was referring to the kind of people who will refuse to be polite because of a "need" to be dead-honest.


    For example, telling someone looking for compliments on their musical ability that they suck, or telling someone she really doesn't "look good tonight" when she asks your opinion on her new clothes or haircut. You know?


    That doesn't strike me as very friendly. But I don't know you, and this was only the kind of people I was referring to. I am sure you're nothing like this.:lol:

  6. Lincoln was republican, yes. But as Withteeth says, the two great parties in the US essentially both switched sides somewhere down the line, where one more or less assimilated the other and vice versa. This goes for views on ideology, policy and most aspects of what being a political party means.


    That doesn't mean that there are libaral republicans and conservative democrats, of course. I think the US would be better off with many smaller parties as opposed to the two great ones. Now, I know there are other parties, but none of them stand a chance of representation.

  7. The ending as such is good enough - it's a set up for the rest of the story, the Exile is leaving to look for Revan, making for a future confrontation between the Republic and the True Sith. The whole "make the Republic strong!"-thing. It's a good lead in to the continued story.


    However, the ball is dropped before the end. There are just so many loose threads, the companions, the remote, etc. Malachor V is like a mosaique missing half the pieces.


    And I too felt that the villains weren't given enough screen time.

  8. My main beef with the game (in addition to the content) is the whole subject of wounds in the Force and the death of the Force. I still haven't completely gotten my head around it.


    As well, there are some storytelling-issues... I mean, we are never really told that Kreia hates the Force, and then suddenly it's an option for you character to use in dialogue. If i remember correctly.


    But hell, the story's good enough.

  9. Now... Didn't Canderous say in the first one that Revan destroyed the Mandalorians at Malachor V?


    And now we learn that Revan was distracted by Mandalorian scouts while the Exile and Bao-Dur detonated the place?


    What? Was Revan at the final battle at Malachor V at all??



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