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NWN2 News August 17th, 2007

Rob McGinnis


Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update

August 17, 2007


Time for another Community Update! This week we will take a look at a great Community Initiative, read a bit about MoTB from a player's perspective and check out a couple great community modifications.



Community Content Compilation

Thunderblade_33 has taken the initiative to develop a Community Content Compilation project. Rather than steal his thunder, I'll let him explain it:


3C is a compilation of non-scripted work from the Vault. It's there to give guidelines for releasing quality content and help spread the use of that content. The compiled work is selected by using a list of publically available criteria. Steps are taken when needed to make the whole pack remain compatible.


This project started last week and will get updated regularly. Help from the community would be greaty appreciated for many things ranging from the creation of the missing custom PC armors to the acceptance and use of 3C as a standard content expansion hak.


I think this is a great idea. You can check out this great compilation here, on NWVault.


Mask of The Betrayer


A couple weeks ago Khaveen (from the Shadow Thieve's guild, Gallows Bird PW and a Community Rep) stopped by the Obsidian offices to visit during his road trip vacation. We took him out and forced him to eat. Took him around the offices a bit and well... read the rest for yourself...


A most fortunate thing happened to me one day a couple weeks ago. I was on vacation in southern California, and thought,

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Good to hear, good to hear. Don't know if what I would consider surprising and what Khaveen would consider surprising about the future of NWN2 are the same thing, but I hope this means they'll go the same route Bioware went with NWN, which is to say, more than one official expansion.

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