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Aliens and the "Action RPG."

Chris Avellone


There were some concerns floating around about Aliens being an action RPG, so I thought it would best to clarify. While there will be action elements to it, it is still an RPG in every sense of the word.


An analysis of the elements, along with diagrams as to what constitutes an action RPG in the aliens universe, is presented for your viewing enjoyment here. Hypothetically, the diagrams may resemble cartoons. And it may not be a serious analysis. All other standard caveats apply.


Happy pre-Memorial Day week, everyone.



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Romance, now that will make a gazillion people happy! *grins* Not me though, I'm an old grump and say romance has no place in a RPG -so there :p (But I will still uphold your right to add it into the game to any who try to use your stickmans flamer on you :teehee: )


I'm still trying to figure out how your stickmen have so much expression...it must be the text that goes with it. I always was awful at riddles ;)


Thanks for the fun reading !

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