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Walkmesh and Textures and Music. Oh my!

Rob McGinnis


Q: In walkmeshes, each face has a 32-bit flag. We have seen the values 0x0, 0x9, 0x11, 0x21, 0x41 and 0x101. The bottom bit seems to indicate whether the face is walkable or not, but what do the other bits mean?


A: The bit assignments for the walkmesh face flags are: bit 0: walk bit ( 1 = walk, 0 = no walk ) bit 1 - 2: reserved bit 3 - 13: material ( used for footstep sounds, etc... I dont know what will happen if more than one of these are set at the same time. I dont recommend it. )... bit 3: dirt bit 4: grass bit 5: stone bit 6: wood bit 7: carpet bit 8: metal bit 9: swamp bit 10: mud bit 11: leaves bit 12: water bit 13: puddles bits 14 - 31: reserved



Q: I would like to know how I can import mp3's and such into the game to use as background sound for my module. I have NO idea how to do this, and I haven't been able to find a tutorial that dumbs things down for those of us who don't know what we're doing; most of the sound tutorials seem fairly advanced. All I know is that I need a hak-pak, and that I need to edit a 2da file and convernt my mp3's to bmu's. I don't know how to do this or even how to begin doing this, so if anyone has a good link to a tutorial for us beginners, or can explain it here, I would TREMENDOUSLY appreciate it. Thanks!


A: The way it should work in NWN2 is identical to NWN1. There is also a brief tutorial on NWN1 at http://nwn.bioware.com/builders/sounds_bmu.html

with links on how to do additional sounds.


NWN2 can take and play uncompressed WAV file in the Override, but that would be pretty huge in size.


Basically, we use an APP called "Lame" that takes a .Wav file, converts it to MP3 (changing some header information) and rename it back to a .Wav extension.


Click Here


So automate it some you can make a .bat file (assuming they are using LAME) that will basically convert a WAV file, make it an MP3, rename it a Wav file, then delete the old MP3's with the following commands.


lame -S --quiet -t %1.wav %1.mp3

echo BMU V1.0 > "\WavFolder\%1.wav"

type %1.mp3 >> \DifferentWaveFolder\%1.wav"

del /f /q %1.mp3



Q: How do I use custom terrain-texures from a hak pak?

I've tried placing a modified "terrainmaterials.2da"-file with the extra entries plus the corresponding dds-files in a hak pak which I then added to the module. There is no obvious way, however, to select the custom terrain-textures within the toolset. I used "Bioware Hak Pak Editor v" Any help will be appreciated.


A: If you are trying to load a hak pack up in the toolset, this does not currently work. They are only loaded in when the module is run inside the game. So a Hak Pak will do you no good in the editor. To make it work in the editor you have to place the textures and edited 2DA file in your override folder.


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