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Porting Creatures/Objects from NWN1

Rob McGinnis


Question: Is it possible to use NWN custom creatures (meshes&texture) in NWN 2?


Answer: For creatures the changes between NWN1 and NWN2 are really too radical to use the old creatures. It's probably possible to import non-animating models though. Hopefully, we will have some tools out to help with Custom Content soon.

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I've had good luck importing NWN1 models. There's a few "gotchas" to consider:

  • Objects made from multiple meshes should have like-material meshes attached into one. I think there's a ceiling of 32 different meshes per object.
  • Make sure you name each mesh something completely unique (not just in the mesh, but across all meshes in the game). Otherwise you'll get duplicates of other meshes with the same name.
  • Transparency seems to be a little weird. I'm still sorting out how alpha meshes work.

There's other things, from naming conventions to collision boxes. Hopefully someone has started a Wiki somewhere about it . . .

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