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Writing in Computer Games.

Chris Avellone


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Someone wrote me a letter this weekend, asking if I had any suggestions for breaking into computer game writing, and it occured to me I didn't. I had suggestions for breaking into computer game design, but...


Anyway, here's the gist of the response in case anyone else has a similar question about how it all works.


Writing for video games is something of a different beast compared to game design. My experience is that someone will contract a writer (and usually late in the process) once an idea and game direction has already been determined and then it becomes the game writer's job to flesh out the idea for the game. Sometimes you're employed basically as a script doctor for a title, brushing up the dialogue before it's taken into the studio.


If you wanted to propose your own world and characters for a game, though, one could do it through the mod community on the internet and then showcase those


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