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Restricting Diety Selection and Addign Skills

Posted by Rob McGinnis , 02 February 2007 · 1004 views

UI Customization
Q: Is there a way that you can filter the domains available when taking the first level of cleric, based on the deity the player chooses? Torm, for example, might only offer the Good, Sun, War and Healing domains. Is this possible?

A: It is not currently possible to restrict domains based on deity selection.

The Domain GUI code has no knowledge of your deity selection, nor is there any data loaded up on a deity-by-deity basis on what domains are in that deity's portfolio. Also, default package domain selection has no knowledge of deity selection either.

Q: Creating new skills require not only modifying skills.2da (which is straight-forward enough), but also a set of GUIs in chargen_skills.xml and characterscreen.xml. In both of these, each individual skill carries its own UIPane: does this mean that all skills are hard-coded, and that it is not possible for us to add new ones?

A: Not without some extra work. The mentioned GUI screens will have to be changed to reflect the new Skills you have added. The good news is that you can simply override the old GUI screens by turning your module into a campaign and placing your new GUI screens in the campaign directory.

There also seems to be some internal coding that needs to be changed. Updates soon.

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