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The Load Times Curse

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I've just started playing PoE a few months back. I'm on the latest patch, of course.
I'm experiencing unusually long load times, and after some research I came across a lot - and I mean a LOT - of threads on the subject, all of which ended in that the patch had 'partially' fixed load times.
Well, my load times are indecently long. Is there a way to fix that on 3.0.1? I've tried everything suggested for earlier versions - reducing savegames, disconnecting the network, playing as admin. Is there a way to bring load times down to a manageable level?

Thank you!



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Isn't the latest version 3.05? That's the one I have off of Steam.


Anyways, I've been wondering about that as well. Sometimes the load time is pretty short, sometimes it's a while. Tyranny (another Obsidian game) also suffers from that problem on occasion, but the topic here is Pillars of Eternity. So, yeah, I've been experiencing that problem.



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Been reviewing a previous thread on this, which does offer some workarounds.

There seem to be two problems combining here - the first is that basic load/save operations are far slower than they should be (I have to wait 20-30 seconds for area transitions and that's with an SSD RAID array capable of 700MB/s sequential read/write) which seems to be a Unity3D "feature" (other games like Dreamfall Chapters exhibit a similar problem with long load/save times). With Pillars, this seems to be worsened with two copies being made of each savegame file (one with a .savegame suffix and the other with a random one).

The second is the frequency of auto saves, in particular between every indoor/outdoor location transition. This really should be "fixable" by Obsidian through a menu setting (limiting auto-saves to outdoor area transitions only would be a big bonus for most players).

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