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Problems with the terminals hacking

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I have a problem with the PC version, when i'm going to hack a terminal, I can fix the first password and pass, but, I haven't the control of the second password, the second password move alone, i can't fix this.
Please, help me, i want to play the game in PC.



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Also forgot to mention that the game got overall harder like the hacking only gives me 6 characters and the alarms have 12-13 nodes or so.



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You move one password with the mouse and click the correct area, and the other password you move with the WASD keys and use the spacebar to select. It can be a little fiddly with PC that shouldn't work.

The alarms and such will get notably harder as the game progresses unless you train up your sabotage skill. Remember there's also a skill (I think under technical) that allows you to destroy electronic devices with EMP charges, and you can shut off alarms with radio mimics.

If one area is too hard, you can always leave the city you're in and go to another and do a few adventures there to level up.

If the game is unusually buggy or difficult, I'd suggest restarting or reinstalling the game. You also might want to make sure your game is fully updated.

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