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First time posting, love reading all the theorycrafting that people do here. 

I love the added AI scripts PoE II and I had experience with a similar system in FF12's gambit system.

However, I'm not that smart when it comes to setting up some great AI scripts as I often get confused by the differences between some conditionals. I'd love to hear some good set-ups or tips that people use for their custom AI scripts. I know it's difference for every class and purpose so feel free to share anything for any kind of character.


I just started the game with Shattered Pillar Monk as MC.

At level 4 my simple setup is.


Self: Health Under 50% -> Second Wind (Might change this to lower with a priest in my team)
Self: Has Affliction -> Clarity of Agony - Cooldown 20 seconds

Self: Engaged By Anyone (NOT) -> Dance of Death

Self: Engaged By Multiple Enemies -> Force of Anguish (Lowest Fortitude priority)
                                                              Visage of Death's Herald (Lowest Will priority)

Always True: Swift Strikes -> Cooldown 11 seconds


How about you guys?


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