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[Quest] Food for Thought bug ?



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During the "Establish a source of food for the Gullet" part of the quest, after speaking to Pitli and being told to speak to Saewyn at the temple of Guan. Travel to that temple and at the dialogue prompt where you are asked to give an offering to Eothas; try to use the number 2 dialogue option "[Give 500 copper] "Is that all you need me to do?" " This dialogue option does not work as intended, as nothing seems to happen except a note saying Saewyn dips here head in contemplation. 500 copper does not leave your inventory. It is not possible to progress further in this quest (at least via this route. After you use that dialogue option, nothing happens and you left with another option (locked if you are not a priest of Eothas) and the option to [Leave].

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