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All quests deleted, can't get quest xp - multiple saves and new games.



My game crashes fairly regularly because my laptop is terrible, but after the most recent crash all my quest log is completely empty - "You have no leads/tasks/etc" in every category. I also get the 'Steward has a message waiting in Caed Nua' prompt, despite having already accepted the WM quest. When I start a new game I can play through as normal but my quest log remains empty and I receive no quest XP.


Here is a link to a .rar of the most recent crash log:



And here is one to a .rar of four saved game files, two in progress, two new games.




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i had a similiar problem with the quests saying that exact same thing. what fixed it for me was verifying the integrity of the game files on steam. if you have a gog version im sure u can also do that.  Info should be on the faq but right click your game from steam click properties>local files> verify. 


Im not sure if that will help with the crashes though but i hope it does.

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