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so i am looking to min/max a assination for potd difficulty going nature godlike and debating between devoted/assasin and bleak/assasin.    couple of questions.


1.  is bleak still broken good with two handers?

2.  if i am going dervoted what tends to be the best weapon type? sabres/rapiers, 2h?

3.   can i use a full custom party like poe1?


Party comp im leaning to is the following

1. my mc assasin/semi tank

2. erdar as swashbuckler

3. priest

4. scout (assasin + ranger)

5. chanter + Paladin (assuming auras stack)

6 cipher


any thoughts or suggestions would be great.  i think with 2 paladins + preist heals should be plenty good. 


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